Simply stated, the purpose of this unique NGO is to empower Nigerian youth for prosperity through transformational entrepreneurship and leadership. Our logo signifies “freedom and liberation from poverty to empowerment and prosperity”. We aim to produce better qualified, ethical, accessible, and more representative business and political leaders in Nigeria. The society is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation which provides entrepreneurship and leadership development support for people who have been identified as having the potential to become future entrepreneurs and leaders. No other platform offers such a comprehensive empowerment programmes in promotion of effective youth entrepreneurship and leadership. .

Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Project (YELEAP) recognizes and supports the power of entrepreneurship to unlock human potential, create jobs, inspire wealth and invigorate the greater African economy and community. Advancing entrepreneurial leadership is vital to invigorating the society, the surrounding community and the greater African economy. YELEAP provides an individualised and interactive education in entrepreneurship and leadership. Designed by entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs, the YELEAP is based on proven principles, centred on best and next practices and backed by the thought leadership of Institute of Classic Entrepreneurs (INCENT) and College of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (CESBUMA). .

The objectives of YELEAP are as follows: .

1. To be the pre-eminent, independent Nigeria source of inspiration, knowledge, research and advice on youth entrepreneurship and transformational leadership and its continuous improvement through education, training, advocacy, research and support services.
2. To transform Nigeria by developing a powerful network of youth entrepreneurs and leaders who will work together to address Nigeria’s greatest challenges, achieve extraordinary social impact, and accelerate the nation’s development.
3. To serve as the umbrella body for Nigerian youth where their interests, especially on empowerment and effective participation in leadership are protected
4. To encouraging creative thinking and promoting a strong sense of self-worth and empowerment among youth.
5. To promote professional application of knowledge, attitude, skills and competencies.
6. To create and nurture a learning environment that promotes entrepreneurial traits and behaviours, such as becoming creative and independent thinker, risk taker, assuming responsibility, and valuing diversity. .


At YELEAP we believe that any success one has in life must begin with a vision. A vision is the ability to see what others cannot see. It is being able to have a picture in your mind of exactly the result you intend to produce. The visionary entrepreneur is able to see exactly what his organisation is going to look like in every detail when it is finished.
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