To carry out women entrepreneurship development related activities to ensure high incidence of entrepre neurial success among women .

YELEAP is dedicated to the mission of enabling the global agropreneurship and agribusiness community to provide adequate and nutritious food to the world by creating connections between farmers, academics, students, agropreneurship, agribusiness, and other organizations to solve the critical problems that face the industry today and in the future. .


According to Kauffman’s researchers, women entrepreneurs tend to face more significant obstacles when it comes to starting their own businesses than their male counterparts, although they bring unique abilities to entrepreneurship as well, such as a more sophisticated approach to taking risks, the brief says, including not being overconfident and not putting their employees at risk. And if the economy expects to fire on all cylinders to produce jobs and growth, more women have to start their own businesses.

Identified chief obstacles to women entrepreneurship are: .

Lack of mentors: Much of entrepreneurship is experiential, so teachers are important. Yet when it comes to mentors, fewer exist for women. This may be a “chicken or egg” problem, as there are fewer women-owned businesses to start out with.
Less funding: When it comes to funding, women on average start their businesses with half as much capital as men. They also have only a 30 percent chance of attracting angel and venture capital funding.
Perceptual bias: Women entrepreneurs face invisible barriers, based solely on gender. One recent study, conducted by UC Santa Barbara, asked participants to evaluate nearly identical business plans from entrepreneurs whose gender was made obvious. Support for plans formulated by women was less strong than for men's, unless the women's plans had an unusual bias toward innovation.

To remedy the situation, Kauffman is urging more women to become involved as mentors, and for organizations that support entrepreneurship to include more women leaders. Hence, the establishment of YELEAP is : .

• To help turn the tide in the perceptual challenges that women entrepreneurs face.
• To provide entrepreneurship training, mentoring and other resources to help women in Africa start and grow successful businesses.
• To ensure there are viable female-led businesses flourishing in Africa by 2030 and beyond.
• To promote women entrepreneurship through provision of necessary tools and support in order to strengthen their capacity and facilitate the establishment of more small scale businesses competently, managed by women in Africa.
• Women Entrepreneurship Development Programmes
• Workshops for existing women entrepreneurs to ensure sustainability of their business
• Sensitisation workshops for potential women entrepreneurs and support system officers



The current situation shows that without effective leadership and good governance at all levels in private, public and civil organizations, it is arguably virtually impossible to achieve and to sustain effective administration, to achieve goals, to sustain quality and deliver first-rate services. The increasing complexities and requirements arising from the constant change in our globe, coupled with the constant push for higher levels of productivity, require effective and ethical leadership. For me, effective leadership and Good Governance are two sides of the same coin. The two has many elements in common. Without an effective leadership we may not ensure Good Governance in its totality. .

As it has been said earlier in the preceding discussions, an effective leadership requires its own essential quality. For instance, competence (both professional and leadership) is among the essential qualities of effective leadership. A leader without having competency may not be effective and efficient in leading an organization. When we see in light of Good Governance, efficiency and effectiveness in giving services to the public, utilization of resources both human and material is among the key principle of Good Governance. If a leader lacks competency about what he has doing he may not be effective and efficient in discharging his responsibility which results in misuse of public resources. .


Entrepreneurial leadership involves organising and motivating a group of people to achieve a common objective through innovation, risk optimization, taking advantage of opportunities, and managing the dynamic organizational environment. The aim of YELEAP is to develop entrepreneurial leadership and governance skills/traits/characteristics in people, especially the youth. .



To become an acknowledged resource, action research & policy advocacy centre for institutions promoting Micro Enterprises and Micro Finance .


Capacity Building of Non Government Organisations in conducting Micro Enterprise Creation and Micro Finance related training programmes in rural and urban areas.Others are:
• Creating a cadre of Micro Business Service Providers
• Innovative informal sectoral programmes on Micro Enterprise, Micro Finance & Business Development Services (Project Management & Designing)
• Impact studies, documentation, diagnostic studies, evaluation, action research to become a repository of references
• Support services/Consultancy to national and international organisationsto facilitate strategic decision making



To create world class entrepreneurs and facilitate growth of small enterprises into medium and large. .


• Growth-cum-Busness Counsellors’ Programmes to facilitate planned growth among existing entrepreneurs
• Country/Sector specific Business Development Programmes
• In-Company Executive Development Programmes to ensure all round development of managerial competencies .



Bio-entrepreneurship - the pursuit of opportunity with scarce resources by creating user defined value through the discovery, design, development, testing, validation and deployment of biomedical and health innovation. Biotechnology entrepreneurship - (also called Biotech entrepreneurship) 1. the possession of a scientific breakthrough that is translated into a product or service idea, which is ultimately brought into commercialization. 2. the sum of all activities necessary to build an enterprise through the melding of both scientific and business disciplines. .

Biochemical Entrepreneurship - entrepreneurial biochemistry is an opportunity for the biochemists. It involves bio-prospecting genomic research in biotechnology and this will enhance solving problems of food, water, plants and animals all necessary for national development, but lack of facilities and technical skills in Recombinant DNA biotechnology slow down research and development initiatives in the developing countries and become one of the constraints of engagements in entrepreneurial developments. The development of biotechnology package and medicinal plant value chain in Nigeria can be a stepping stone and indicative of biotechnology being given a professional position in national development. The future of Nigeria economy depends on a new generation of entrepreneurs coming up with ideas, resolving to make them a reality and having the vision to create wealth and jobs. Protecting business ideas is important so that that it cannot be easily copied by competitors. In many cases, however, it is also advisable to obtain legal protection by patenting the product: Particularly in the field of life sciences early patenting is often a good idea. Investors will want to be sure that an idea will not be rendered worthless by imitation. .


A successful biotechnology enterprise depends on trained professionals who understand science and who are also skilled in the complexities of biotechnology commercialization. This exciting new program brings together a strong science foundation with biotechnology enterprise and entrepreneurship, providing a unique educational venue for scientists to better understand the entire biotechnology enterprise and issues unique to the industry. .

Nigeria is blessed with natural resources specifically plants that can genetically be modified for Industrial, domestic and environmental applications. For economic growth, Nation's population is highly motivated to initiate entrepreneurship. This is a great potential and prospects for meeting challenges in the open market. With the new employment pace in Higher Education as well the rapid changes in Technology, it has become important to bring to existence an eco-system through biotechnology which is rich in entrepreneurial innovations conducive for students and researchers. .



YELEAP has the people, the resources and the networks needed to develop your organisation’s talent, grow your business, or find your next hire. Using entrepreneurial thought and action, a methodology for turning ideas into opportunities that you can find only at YELEAP, we develop entrepreneurial leaders who can improve your organisation and positively impact its bottom line. .

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At YELEAP we believe that any success one has in life must begin with a vision. A vision is the ability to see what others cannot see. It is being able to have a picture in your mind of exactly the result you intend to produce. The visionary entrepreneur is able to see exactly what his organisation is going to look like in every detail when it is finished.
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