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About CESBUMA’s Professional Programmes

The academic experience at CESBUMA is uniquely designed for students who want to study entrepreneurship, small business management and allied fields and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Our focus on Entrepreneurial Dynamism enables students to discover their strengths, pursue their passions, and create their own path to success. Students have the opportunity to explore opportunities, gain real-world experience, and define their own academic programme. The academic experience blends seamlessly with co-curricular activities, allowing students to put their ideas into action. CESBUMA offers a Professional course to future leaders looking to create social and economic value… everywhere.


Explore Your Opportunities

In your first year at CESBUMA, we’ll lay the groundwork for your future courses—and career. It all starts with the Foundations of Management, Mathematics and Entrepreneurship courses, a yearlong immersion into the business world. You’ll also take liberal arts courses, breaking down artificial barriers between disciplines with an integrated learning approach, and understanding how these skills play into businesses of all types and sizes.

A weekly First-Year Seminar will address your transition to college life by improving teamwork, community living, and communication and study skills. Members of the CESBUMA community—including alumni, faculty, staff, and peer mentors—will give you personal and professional support throughout your four years.

Expand Your Knowledge

In your second year, you’ll take an integrated series of courses in finance, microeconomics, marketing, information technology, management accounting or entrepreneurial accounting and finance, and operations management or quantitative techniques for entrepreneurs among others, giving you the broad perspective of a CEO. You’ll look at actual business problems via case studies and gain real-world experience by studying, touring, and interacting with and presenting to local companies.

Elevate Your Experience

Throughout your third and fourth years at the college, you can reflect on your career options and pursue courses that align with your personal and professional goals; various concentrations can guide your focus. You’ll gain field experience with creative problem solving, entrepreneurship case studies, internships, industrial visits or consulting programmes, and you may also opt to take your education abroad.

After your four years at CESBUMA, you’ll excel in the professional world by uncovering opportunities, formulating strategy, taking action, and tackling the always-changing path ahead. A CESBUMA degree is recognised around the world by employers who appreciate the powerful combination of functional knowledge and the entrepreneurial mindset of CESBUMA graduates

CESBUMA produces graduates who have lived and applied—and not just thought about. They have recognised or created opportunities, designed an approach to the problem, recruited a team, assembled resources, and delivered the solution.

Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities

Only a small portion of a student’s week is spent in the classroom; many more hours are spent elsewhere. A unique, and one that would be extremely difficult to replicate, dimension of a CESBUMA education is how our staff have designed our co-curricular and extracurricular activities to intentionally support the college’s learning goals. In short, it involves developing a student’s entrepreneurial leadership with a global mindset. In or out of a class, a CESBUMA student can improve as an entrepreneur.

The CESBUMA Difference

Unlike anywhere else in the world, each programme balances action and experimentation with rigorous analysis and business fundamentals. It is the methodology called Entrepreneurial Dynamism that you can only find at CESBUMA, and it is what will allow you to create economic and social value—everywhere. So no matter what degree you’re pursuing, you’ll graduate with an entrepreneurial mindset that will set you apart in any industry or job function. Our faculty of experienced entrepreneurs, executives, researchers, and scholars, teach across programmes in reputable tertiary institutions home and abroad.


All schools say they have amazing faculty. We don’t have to say it—ours has demonstrated their dedication to the school and to students by spending many hundreds of hours the past two years redesigning the entire curriculum and the multitude of ways that courses are integrated. This curriculum provides the theoretical basis of and experiences with ED. It encompasses classes in all the traditional business disciplines (finance, marketing, et al.) and the liberal arts (including arts and humanities, history and society, math and science, and economics) with deeper dives into the student’s chosen concentration

Qualified Faculty

CESBUMA have pool of qualified and dedicated,Lecturers, Instructors, Trainers and Mentors. Our Faculty drives the College's innovative capacity as experts in their fields because of their combine academic knowledge and professional expertise.

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