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The College of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (CESBUM) is the Africa's most prestigious and forward-thinking university college of entrepreneurship primarily focusing on production of professional, classic and successful entrepreneurs by building capacity in Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, and related disciplines through offering of a powerful formula that not only equips them with a well-rounded and internationally- relevant entrepreneurship education based on internationally-competitive curriculum, but one which provides students with extensive practical experience and industry relevant skills. We call this the “CESBUM Academic Model” that grooms students to become a Future Ready Graduates (FRG), a revolutionary approach that gives them a clear competitive edge over others.

We believe that entrepreneurial activities and entrepreneurship education are considered crucial to the economic development of nations. These activities are not only the incubators of technological innovation; they provide employment opportunities and increase competitiveness. Furthermore, entrepreneurship education is more than just learning about business management. It is a human capital investment to prepare a student to start a new venture through the integration of experience, skills and knowledge to develop and expand business

At our College, we believe that one of the major challenges facing Nigeria is how to break away from education for dependency to education for independence. It means that the goal of education must shift from education for employment to education for self-employment (or education for entrepreneurship).

Entrepreneurship education is defined as the structured formal conveyance of entrepreneurial competencies, which in turn refer to the concepts, skills and mental awareness used by individuals during the process of starting and developing their growth-oriented ventures. While all entrepreneurs are self-employed, not all self-employed persons are entrepreneurs. The emphasis is on formalising entrepreneurship education rather than leaving it for the hidden curricula, it may not be covered there, or it may be more confusing as there is lack of structure.

CESBUM programme will offer you the advanced knowledge and practical skills required to identify, recognise, assess, seize, shape, create and exploit new opportunities, as well as develop entrepreneurial management and leadership competencies that can be applied to any professional field of your choice. We are the first in Africa to understand that entrepreneurial dynamism (ability of an entrepreneur to make quick decision or effect changes to take advantage of unexpected business opportunities or thinking and acting entrepreneurially) is more than just an inclination. Rather, it can be taught, and we do it better than anyone in Nigeria.

With an emphasis on Training, Capability, Self-reliance and Success (TRACASS) embedded into the experience, our students understand that entrepreneurship education and wealth creation are not mutually exclusive, but instead integral to each other. The fundamental entrepreneurial skills and entrepreneurial mindset they cultivate at CESBUM equip them to make a difference here at CESBUM and around the world.

At CESBUM, we resist the pressure to conduct entrepreneurship education the way it has always been done. We challenge existing beliefs so that we only keep what works, and reimagine the rest.

CESBUM goes above and beyond to provide you with an education like no other. We focus on giving you a holistic experience designed to make you a successful entrepreneur, leader and a better citizen of the world. CESBUM has identified several fundamental strategies that make our approach to teaching and learning unique, relevant and engaging.

In accordance with William Pollard, “learning and innovation go hand in hand, it is arrogance of success for one to think what he did yesterday would be sufficient for tomorrow”. We need a new generation of professional entrepreneurs, who are more customer centric, technology savvy, more highly qualified, flexible and agile with skill sets that are now more comprehensive than previously.


  • Focus on Skills that Matter
  • Our Academic Programmes
  • Internships with Top Employers
  • Specialization in at least one Vocation or Trade
  • A Transformative Student Experience



    Trust, respect and civility bring out the best in people. We respect and behave ethically toward each other and our external partners.

    We value our membership in a lifelong community that is broadly diverse. We believe that differences make CESBUM a richer community.

    We have a long-standing commitment to an institutional culture that fosters creativityand, risk-taking, leadership and an entrepreneurial spirit.

    Our commitment to cross-disciplinary collaboration and to working closely with students defines the practices of the faculty, administration, staff and who work on the campus of College of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. Together with our alumni, and with our external partners, we create learning and working experience that is greater than the sum of its parts.

    College of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management is committed to excellence. Ours is a community in which all members can achieve their personal best. We seek to support each other thoughtfully for continuous growth and development.
  • Our Objectives

    The principal objective of College of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management is to provide tertiary education of high quality in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management through campus taught programmes, distance learning, virtual learning and affiliation on-campus courses, so as to redefine and formalise Entrepreneurship Education in Nigeria.

    Our Mission

    To prepare students for a successful and meaningful life and career in the 21st century – with a shared vision for a better Africa.

    To be a trailblazing provider of quality entrepreneurship education, by raising its standard as the key to a more productive and sustainable development of Africans, through globally-acceptable best practices.

    To create a more prosperous and peaceful Africa by developing the next generation of ethical and entrepreneurial African leaders.

    CESBUM serves as a platform and coordinator of preparations of the academic content and the implementation of global college activities, inspired by the vision of linking entrepreneurship and technology in innovative ways.

    Education goals

    To prepare students to excel in the real world

    To enhance students’ learning by providing a holistic educational experience

    To be a fair and caring employer providing equal opportunities for all

    To be a socially responsible, ethical and accountable institution.


    At CESBUM, we resist the pressure to conduct entrepreneurship education the way it has always been done. We challenge existing beliefs so that we only keep what works, and reimagine the rest.

    CESBUM goes above and beyond to provide you with an education like no other. We focus on giving you a holistic experience designed to make you a successful entrepreneur, leader and a better citizen of the world. CESBUM has identified several fundamental strategies that make our approach to teaching and learning unique, relevant and engaging

    Preparation for Tomorrow’s World

    We prepare you for jobs that don’t even exist yet. In an ever-changing world, narrow academic theory quickly loses relevance. Therefore we go beyond just giving you a solid academic grounding. We also develop skills like leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, quantitative reasoning, communication and teamwork—skills that will always be relevant for the jobs of tomorrow.

    Engaging Learning Experience

    A revolutionary style of teaching and learning. We employ the most innovative and effective methods of teaching and learning. For example, sometimes we ban lectures. Instead, you drive your own learning in a self-paced way and learn from your peers. When you attend class, you will meet an expert facilitator who engages you in lively debates, discussions, and applications of the knowledge you have learned on your own and with peers. You will ‘learn how to learn’ in an effective and engaging way. .

    Entrepreneurial Leadership

    Develop entrepreneurial skills and mindsets. We believe every graduate in the 21st century should be able to think entrepreneurially. Therefore, you learn the habits that make great entrepreneurs—how to solve big problems with limited resources, how to think innovatively, how to form and lead teams, and how to dream big—in whatever field you go into.

    Declare a Mission for Your Life

    We will challenge you to declare a “mission” for your life, and not just to select an academic “major”. We will expose you to the grand challenges and opportunities of our time, and work with you to define how you want to solve these problems and capture emerging opportunities. In this way, you will discover your life’s purpose and align your learning with this purpose.

    Education Meets the Real World

    The real world comes to the classroom. We break down barriers between universities and the real world. You will solve real problems for real organizations from day one. We design our curriculum with employers. And each year, in our undergraduate programmes, you spend eight months on campus and four months in the workplace by the time you graduate. .

    A Student Driven Experience

    We empower you to be the driving force behind your undergraduate experience. You and your peers have the power to design your extra-curricular activities, and are supported to launch your own ventures, engage in local communities, and participate in our Skills Acquisition and Enterprise Creation (SAEC) programme..

    Pan-African and Global Network

    At CESBUM, we believe that creativity is fostered by experience and exposure, and as such we bring together students and staff from diverse backgrounds to live, study, and play together in a rich, vibrant community where different cultures are respected and celebrated. You form deep bonds with inspiring classmates and graduate with a powerful, global network for life .

    Why choose CESBUM

  • Relevant Curricullum

    Our courses and programmes are constantly being updated with enhanced curriculum relevant to the changing world, and to your own goals.Our syllabus is in line with the ever changing business world
  • Relevant Applied Degrees

    Our professional diplomas and postgraduate programmes are applied, by completing a capstone project in your particular area of interest and expertise.
  • Flexible Learning

    Our Faculty can offer individualized instruction designed to provide each student with the guidance and support necessary for successful programme completion.Your residency is not a problem to us
  • Afforadble Education.

    CESBUM is the best - when comparing quality and cost. Our tuition fees are affordable, we have tandard textbooks written by renowned scholars at affordable cost to compliment their learning and study.
  • Open Enrollment

    Begin study at any time and when it best fits your schedule; our distance learning programme allows you to take your study with you. With Open Enrolment System, there are no predetermined semester dates to contend with.
  • Accreditation & Recognition

    CESBUM is proudly Accredited, Certified and Recognised by national and international accreditation and certification agencies. Visit our Achievement, Recognition and Accreditation page.
  • Qualified Faculty Mentors

    CESBUM has pool of qualified, experienced and dedicated instructors and mentors that offer professional and academic support to students. Our Faculty drives the college's innovative capacity as experts in their fields.
  • Quality Academic Service.

    From your initial contact, our Faculty and Administrators are available to support your educational goal based on the core principle that “through your success we succeed”.
  • Continuos Tutoring Services

    CESBUM is committed to providing students with adequate learning resources and support needed to successfully complete their study. As part of this commitment, students can access private-tutoring in their study

    Need to make more enquiries?

    CESBUM is a professional college offering professional courses leading to the award of Accredited Professional: Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma and Master.We are always here to assist you with any extra information you require.

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