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Entrepreneurship is at the heart of every business. Every large company started out as a small business, led by an entrepreneur. As our economy becomes more volatile, having the skills and knowledge to start a new business may mean the difference between prosperity and poverty. Entrepreneurial skills are also in demand in established companies. Every business, large or small, must be entrepreneurial just to survive. Innovative thinking has replaced "do it our way" as the rallying cry of the corporation. Students who learn to think independently flourish in chaotic environments and to keep cool under pressure are in high demand. Our programme is designed to build entrepreneurial skills step by step. Renowned experts, not graduate students, teach classes. We embody a “hands-on” philosophy of teaching, putting our students into real-life entrepreneurial situations. Our program is rigorous, challenging, and most of all, fun

The Open College of Entrepreneurship (TOPCENT) is the Africa’s most prestigious and forward-thinking university college of entrepreneurship serving as natural incubator, providing support structures for teachers and students to initiate new ventures: intellectual, commercial and conjoint by contributing and providing leadership for creating entrepreneurial thinking, actions, institutions and entrepreneurship capital. This we do through offering of a powerful formula that does not only equip students with a well-rounded and internationally- relevant entrepreneurship education based on internationally-competitive curriculum, but one which also provides them with extensive practical experience and industry relevant skills required in turning ideas into viable ventures. We call this the “TOPCENT’s Entrepreneurship Effectiveness and Leadership (EE&L) Model” that grooms students to become Future Ready Graduates (FRG).

The Programmes developed by TOPCENT is based on research conducted by African Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ACSBE), The Global Academy of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (GACEINN), and Institute of Classic Entrepreneurship, Nigeria (ICENT). The programmes are unique in that they are practical oriented and are largely driven by real entrepreneurs.


Focus on Skills that Matter
Our Academic Programmes
Internships with Top Employers
Specialisation in at least one Vocation or Trade
A Transformative Student Experience

The programme aims to produce graduates who will have a sound knowledge of entrepreneurship skills, business management, industry specialisation and the leadership qualities needed. The course will focus on the various elements of entrepreneurship and business management. Students will have to choose an industry of their choice for their specialisation and complete a project on their industry specialisation. They will also be guided into transforming their business idea into a product or service for commercialisation. At the end of the Course, students will have with them an OND/HND/B.Ent/M.Ent in Entrepreneurship, an Industry Specialisation Certification, Startup Capital and a real business in their hands. This is the one great difference between our students and their counterparts from other colleges and universities, who will have an academic qualification and nothing else. ’ ’



Welcome to College of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management(CESBUM). We invite you to visit us at any time - in person or through this site - to explore the life of getting an advanced recognize professional degree. CESBUM is indeed known for its innovative academic curriculum; we offer Nigerians the advanced knowledge and practical skills required to identify, recognise, assess, seize, shape, create and exploit new opportunities, as well as develop entrepreneurial management and leadership competencies that can be applied to any professional field of their choice.



We are honoured to have you visiting us online.. College of Entrepreneurship and Small Business offers student-centered and career-focused education to develop the entrepreneurial knowledge and skills for successful careers in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.CESBUM was established as an innovative institution to meet the demands for alternative to traditional higher education experience which often require taking several years away from jobs.


Why choose CESBUM

  • Relevant Curricullum

    Our courses and programmes are constantly being updated with enhanced curriculum relevant to the changing world, and to your own goals.Our syllabus is in line with the ever changing business world
  • Relevant Applied Degrees

    Our professional diplomas and postgraduate programmes are applied, by completing a capstone project in your particular area of interest and expertise.
  • Flexible Learning

    Our Faculty can offer individualized instruction designed to provide each student with the guidance and support necessary for successful programme completion.Your residency is not a problem to us
  • Affordable Education.

    CESBUM is the best - when comparing quality and cost. Our tuition fees are affordable, we have standard textbooks written by renowned scholars at affordable cost to compliment their learning and study.
  • Open Enrollment

    Begin study at any time and when it best fits your schedule; our distance learning programme allows you to take your study with you. With Open Enrolment System, there are no predetermined semester dates to contend with.
  • Accreditation & Recognition

    CESBUM is proudly Accredited, Certified and Recognised by national and international accreditation and certification agencies. Visit our Achievement, Recognition and Accreditation page.
  • Qualified Faculty / Mentors

    CESBUM has pool of qualified, experienced and dedicated instructors and mentors that offer professional and academic supports to students. Our Faculty drives the college's innovative capacity as experts in their fields.
  • Quality Academic Service.

    From your initial contact, our Faculty and Administrators are available to support your educational goal based on the core principle that “through your success we succeed”.
  • Continuos Tutoring Services

    CESBUM is committed to providing students with adequate learning resources and support needed to successfully complete their study. As part of this commitment, students can access private-tutoring in their study
  • Need to make more enquiries?

    CENTSMAB is a professional college offering professional courses leading to the award of Accredited Professional: Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma and Master.We are always here to assist you with any extra information you require.

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