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Membership at the Institute of Classic Entrepreneurs is an investment that keeps paying dividends. Open to entrepreneurs, families in business and strategic level executives with closely held firms, membership is available at different levels to meet your specific needs.

All membership levels offer opportunities for professional, personal and business growth. The lessons, contacts and information you derive from membership are relevant and directly applicable to your business.

No matter how long you have been in business you can always learn something new and useful. At the INCENT, we support and help businesses build the value of lifelong learning

Our faculty has formulated a unique learning environment that provides highly relevant emerging business knowledge in thought-provoking programmes designed to meet your needs. The INCENT’s educational programme series brings unique insights from world renowned thought leaders to you, right here in Nigeria. Programmes are designed to have relevant and immediate impact for our members and guests.

Primary membership benefits include:

  • Lifelong learning through timely programmes on relevant topics through the monthly member educational programme series.
    INCENT/CESBUM Peer Forums composed of carefully selected and matched members who connect and exchange powerful ideas and experiences in confidence.
    Custom Entrepreneurship Consulting in a variety of areas, including strategic planning, sourcing new funding, creating efficiencies, family business dynamics and planning for succession.
    Networking opportunities through member programmes, continuous mandatory professional development programmes, conferences, induction, pre-induction seminar, dinner and other events throughout the year.

Additional Member Benefits:

  • • Bi-monthly electronic newsletter
    • Weekly events email
    • Access to a unique library of entrepreneurship and small management materials -the incent/cesbum online academy
    • Discounts to the Skills Acquisition and Enterprise Creation Programme and other programmes
    • Career Counseling for the next generation of your company
    • Coaching and mentoring by seasoned entrepreneurial leaders
    • INCENT member directory
    • Trusted friends devoted to your personal and professional success

Academic, Professional, Managerial and Ethical Uniqueness

------ INCENT has re-written the history of Entrepreneurship in Africa

• The INCENT certification is a carefully planned process that leads into acquisition of entrepreneurial competencies. The training is a set of very valuable skills needed by the entrepreneur to avoid trial-and-errors.

• The trainings are designed to provide basic knowledge and skills needed for the creation and management of enterprises as well as understanding and analysis of problems related to the management and administration of industrial, commercial, public and other human organisations

• INCENT equips students with knowledge and skills of entrepreneurial decision making, opportunity recognition, assessment, creation, shaping, seizing and exploitation; especially the analytical skills needed for recognising, defining and solving problems; and develop in students soft skills required for success (e.g. leadership,communication,interpersonal relations,negotiation,logical/analytical thinking,time management etc) as well as entrepreneurial, small business, financial and marketing management competencies.

• In blending theory and practice, all students participate in Skills Acquisition and enterprise creation programmes, rocket pitch and elevator pitch presentation training and competition,business creativity competitition, Internship and Industrial Visits as part of the training.

• INCENT is the only entrepreneurship institute in Nigeria with faculty composed of Ph.D., DBA, M.Phil, M.Sc,MBA,LL.M, and M.Eng holders in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Innovation, Small Business Management, various management and engineering/technology fields, animal production, agricultural economics, farm management, agricultural business management, commercial law, intellectual property law, qualified facilitators from multi-disciplinary fields, directors of entrepreneurship development centres and internationally acclaimed entrepreneurship mentors required for production of thorough-bred entrepreneurs.

• As a mark of distinction, INCENT is the only entrepreneurship institute in Nigeria, with well-structured programme (see examination structure below) and internationally competitive curriculum, meritorious assessment criteria for students and self-authored study pack. This suggests to you that, our institute, regardless of its age, is an authority and examining body in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. We can authoritatively say that, no entrepreneurship institute in Africa has the type of programme/examination structure operational in our institute.

• INCENT is the only entrepreneurship institute in Africa having on her Governing Council Two (2) Professors, Five (6) Ph.D. holders and Two (2) Master’s degree holders in Entrepreneurship in addition to several Professors and Doctors of Management, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Educational Management, Pharmacology,Educational Technology, Information Technology, Law,Agriculture and Engineering. A wonderful council with two (2) Rectors, three (3) Directors of Entrepreneurship Development Centres and five (5) Dean/HODs from highly reputable institutions of higher learning, in addition to qualified state coordinators and course facilitators from multi-disciplinary fields, as well as internationally acclaimed entrepreneurship mentors required for production of thorough-bred entrepreneurs. About fifteen entrepreneurship development centres and NGOs have applied for partnership and collaborations.

• No entrepreneurship institute in Africa can boast of seven (7) Professors (including Professors of Management and Entrepreneurship), two (2) Deputy Vice Chancellors, two (2) Rectors, one (1) Provost, two (2) university proprietors, several coordinator/directors of entrepreneurship centres from highly reputable institutions of higher learning; first-class royal fathers, senior military officers, CEOs, legal luminaries and religious leaders on her advisory board except INCENT.

• Our Institute is the first to float Journal of Entrepreneurship Education and Management Sciences (JEEMS) in Africa through her CESBUM.

• Our institute is the first to establish a training arm in Africa: College of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Business (CESBUM).


• Students can study for an INCENT programme at INCENT accredited centres or by self-study using INCENT Study Packs, Online library, Online Academy (classroom.24hreducation.com/incentcesbum),recommended textbooks, subject syllabuses and Past Questions and Answers.

• If students move to another state, or another town in their own state, usually there will be an INCENT accredited centre/coordinator nearby providing tuition facilities.

• Student fees are highly competitive as INCENT, being a non-profit making organisation, considers that it has a duty (especially to students in developing countries) to offer entrepreneurship and small business management education at an economical price.

• INCENT will consider special exemptions from various fields and from different institutions of higher learning and professional bodies but on a conditional basis.

Recognition and Professionalism

• Upon the evaluation and accreditation by Federal Ministry of Education and consent of the Attorney General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, INSTITUTE OF CLASSIC ENTREPRENEURS was legally registered by Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria as INSTITUTE OF CLASSIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP LTD/GTE under CAMA 1990 vide certificate NO RC 1119210.

• Enhancement of intellectual, social and economic development through the provision of relevant, high quality, affordable professional qualifications not available elsewhere in Nigeria.

• Offering of a powerful formula that not only equips you with a well-rounded and internationally- relevant entrepreneurship education based on internationally-competitive curriculum, but one which provides students with extensive practical experience and industry relevant skills. We call this the “INCENT Professional Model” that grooms you to become a Future Ready Professional (FRP), a revolutionary approach that gives you a clear competitive edge over non- members.

• Charles Tremendous Jones once said –“You will remain the same you are for the next five years except for two things. The books that you read and the people you meet”. It is a known fact that you cannot regulate (or become chartered) what you cannot examine. Being the only examining body (that has successfully conducted nine (9) different examination diets for associate membership) among other entrepreneurship institutes in Nigeria, and one cannot examine what it cannot teach,unfortunately, there are very few entrepreneurship authorities in Africa. Our College –CESBUM, is the only African author and publisher of the following inevitable textbooks from core fields of entrepreneurship written with Africans (especially Nigerians) in mind:

  • 1. Creativity and Innovation
  • 2. Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
  • 3. Management Information System & Entrepreneurial Intelligence
  • 4. Theory of Entrepreneurship
  • 5. Entrepreneurial Accounting and Finance
  • 6. Applied Entrepreneurship
  • 7. Entrepreneurial Economics
  • 8. Contemporary Secrets of Entrepreneurial Success
  • 9. Agricultural Entrepreneurship & Farm Management
  • 10. Strategic Entrepreneurship
  • 11. Creative Problem Solving
  • 12. International Entrepreneurship
  • 13. Technopreneurship
  • 14. Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Creation Case Studies
  • 15. Social Entrepreneurship
  • 16. Public Entrepreneurship
  • 17. Political Entrepreneurship
  • 18. Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • 19. Mathematics for ENTREPRENEURS
  • 20. Quantitative Techniques for Entrepreneurs
  • 21. Small Business Management
  • 22. Change and Innovation Management
  • 23. Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • 24. Entrepreneurial Mentoring
  • 25. Psychology of Entrepreneurship
  • 26. Entrepreneurial Opportunity Assessment and Exploitation
  • 27. Entrepreneurial Skills Acquisition and Development
  • 28. Supply Chain Management for Entrepreneurs
  • 29. Human Resource Management for Entrepreneurs
  • 30. Ethics in Entrepreneurship
  • 31. Introductory Management for Entrepreneurs
  • 32. Knowledge Management for Entrepreneurs
  • 33. Organisational Behaviour, Team Management and Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • 34. Professional Business Communication Skills for Entrepreneurs
  • 35. Quality Management for SMEs
  • 36. Risk Management for SMEs
  • 37. New Venture Creation
  • 38. Statistics for Entrepreneurs
  • 39. Design Driven Entrepreneurship
  • 40. Agricultural Mechanization
  • 41. Healthcare Entrepreneurship
  • 42. Biotechnology Entrepreneurship
  • 43. Edupreneurship
  • 44. Technology Innovation and Management
  • 45. Farm Management
  • 46. Project Management

• Our professional membership is recognised by most of the Multinational Companies and Institutions offering Professional and Graduate Programmes in Entrepreneurship, Small Business and General Management, as INCENT will not only train students in academic or theoretical study but also in professionalism and practical environment to create a truly successful professional and entrepreneur in the society.

• INCENT members are recognised as Certified Entrepreneurs internationally because students go through professional trainings, seminars, workshops, internship, industrial visits and examination as real world entrepreneurship skills.

• INCENT members will have the opportunities to build up wide networks in different countries.

• Continuous Professional Development

• Free Skills Acquisition and Enterprise Creation Programme

• Dual equivalent reciprocal award for certificate, diploma, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes of our College and affiliated institutions.

• Opportunities for direct entry and Top up programmes of affiliated institutions.

• Free seminar, quarterly Journal and update on various issues on Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.

Start-Up Support

• Competitive advantage over non-members in entrepreneurial endeavours

• Easy access and special consideration in any government-assisted entrepreneurial development programmes

• Assistance from micro-credit scheme and cooperatives for creation of enterprises amongst our members from N50,000 to N1,000,000.

Membership Privileges

• As a member you may be appointed State/Zonal Coordinator in your area of domain and also be allowed to train students sitting for INCENT Exams.

• As a Fellow or Full Member, you stand a chance of being nominated into Governing council, strategic committees

• Reference or Recommendation letter for employment, appointment, contract and other legitimate purposes on request.


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