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•Membership is free and for girls/women of 18 years and above.
•Every Female member of Institute of Classic Entrepreneurs is an automatic member.
•Every African female entrepreneur is eligible for membership.
•Budding female entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs or those wishing to be entrepreneurs are also eligible.
•Registration at State branch is a prerequisite for membership of ASOFENT on recommendation by State Chairpersons.
•Young girls below 18 years of age will only attend ASOFENT meetings as observers.


1.Offering entrepreneurship training and mentoring needed by female entrepreneurs to gain advanced knowledge and practical skills required to identify, recognise, assess, seize, shape, create and exploit new opportunities, as well as develop entrepreneurial management and leadership competencies that can be applied to any professional field of their choices through the parent Institute and College.
2.Creating awareness and strengthening of women businesses
3.Lobbying and advocating before public and private institutions, policy makers and governments, on issues that hinder women entrepreneurship possibilities.
4.Encouraging solidarity, friendship, cultural understanding, the exchange of experiences and ideas.
5.Enabling the development of business partnerships and trade.
6.Promoting professional growth and entrepreneurial skills perfection and encouraging enterprise creation among women.
7.Cross fertilizing ideas and experiences, and encouraging networking among women and other key partners like governments, financial institutions and development partners.
8.Bringing together like-minded women who share a common interest of entrepreneurship with other such likeminded organizations all over the World. 9.Empowering women entrepreneurs by facilitating better access to finance through Female Entrepreneurs Cooperative Society of Nigeria (FECSN). .

10.Creating a more equitable business environment for women entrepreneurs and enhancing their contribution to economic development.
11.Attracting finance through financial institutions and development partners to assist in developing female SMEs.
12.Providing well-structured and internationally-relevant entrepreneurship education (business, corporate, social, political, public, technology, education, agricultural, healthcare, biotechnology, international and strategic entrepreneurship; as well as entrepreneurial leadership, management, marketing, finance, ethics, law and creative problem solving skills) to our members.
13.Designing specific programmes and projects aimed at providing tailored and adequate financial and technical support to the development of women entrepreneurship in Nigeria.
14.Organising enterprise competitions (creativity and innovation competitions, rocket pitch presentation competitions, elevator pitch/speech competitions); exhibitions, trade fair, creating opportunities for networking and access to international markets and partnership building.
15.Advocating with the aim of achieving gender equality in women entrepreneurship to ensure a dynamic economy, increased women representation of more than half the population in Africa.

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