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The International Association of Technology Entrepreneurs (IATECH) was founded by the Institute of Classic Entrepreneurs in order to stimulate strategic thinking across the full spectrum of the technopreneurship and technology, engineering or science food chain.

Today, IATECH is a vibrant association with members from all 36 states of the federation and FCT comprising:

• World's foremost academics and researchers studying the entrepreneurship and technology, engineering or science entrepreneurship.
• Corporate and industry association executives spanning all aspects of the global food chain
• Top technology, business, entrepreneurship and engineering students from the universities, polytechnics and colleges of education and engineering/technology in Nigeria
• Influential policymakers and representatives from government and non-governmental organizations
• Membership is free and for persons of 18 years and above.
• Budding technopreneurs or those wishing to be one are also eligible.
• Registration at State branch is a prerequisite for membership of IATECH on recommendation by State Chairman.
• Young persons below 18 years of age will only attend IATECH meetings as observers.

IATECH has members in all the 36 states and FCT of Nigeria: • Leading business executives
• University, polytechnic and colleges departments, libraries, researchers, educators, administrators
• Top graduate and undergraduate agribusiness students
• National and international policymakers
• Non-governmental organizations and consumer groups
• Among others

IATECH is volunteer driven and provides the following ongoing opportunities: IATECH Chapters, meet throughout the year to discuss technology, engineering or science issues important to their particular local cities, regions, countries or hemisphere. Chapters are currently active in all the 6 geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

Through its conference programs, publications and ongoing initiatives, IATECH provides opportunities for professional development for even the most experienced members. However, what makes IATECH distinct is its focus on the professional growth of the technology, engineering or science students who belong to IATECH.

IATECH’s primary activities include the publication of a top-ranked journal, the Journal of Entrepreneurship Education and Management Science (JEEMS) published 3 times a year and the IATECH Annual Conference, which features a Student Case Competition, Academic Symposium and National Forum where industry, scholars and students gather to discuss seminal issues in technology, engineering or science entrepreneurship.

For more information email or 08036447467 .

IATECH aims to enhance its members’ capacity to excel at technopreneurship and technological business management. Effective science-based decision-making is developed through discussions, debate, and careful deliberations among peers. Through these, members discover the multidimensionality of their common issues, draw connections to broader themes and develop solutions which enhance collective competitiveness .

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