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Society for Agropreneurship and Agribusiness (SOFAAG) is a non-government and non-profit organisation. It an affiliate of Institute of Classic Entrepreneurs, devoted to the empowerment of existing and potential farmers in Nigeria through training, mentorship, networking and partnership.

SOFAAG is one of the largest networks of agriculture and allied sector professionals in Nigeria and acts as a bridge between this network of Nigerian rural communities and other stakeholders, including governments, large development organisations and corporate entities, through large-scale field implementation projects with integrated deployment of technology.

We work for enhancing livelihood opportunities for the rural poor through interventions in sustainable agriculture and livestock development, access to water and sanitation, skills development and women empowerment. Through our targeted interventions for economic and environmental sustainability through farmer aggregation, knowledge empowerment and market linkages, we contribute towards food security and rural economic development.

SOFAAG was established by a group of agriculture and management professionals who are members of Institute of Classic Entrepreneurs (INCENT), with the belief that capacity building of small and marginal farmers' agricultural practices would help enhance their livelihoods and income, and thereby result in better quality of life for rural communities. SOFAAG's focuses on farmers' technical training through on-field and ICT-based interventions for agriculture development. Based on extensive learning on the field, SOFAAG's work includes integrated farming, farmer aggregation and market linkages into a comprehensive sustainable rural livelihoods approach..

We shall engage directly with small and marginal farmers and their families, strengthening their food and nutrition security, through interventions on sustainable agriculture with a focus on yield improvement, agribusiness, and human development. We shall work for women empowerment through the self-help group approach in our project locations. Environmental sustainability is an intrinsic element in our work through initiatives in natural resource management, soil fertility management, conserving bio-diversity, vermin-composting and sanitation.

Why Agropreneurship and Agribusiness?

  • Unfortunately, Nigeria’s only product (crude oil) is currently not selling well.
  • Indeed, trends in commodity prices suggest good prospects for farmers in the immediate and mid-term future.
  • Our oil production capacity is now lowest in the history.
  • You may not be able to seek opportunities abroad because our currency suffers devaluation that is worse than colonization
  • Today, we are in recession.
  • An economy that exports raw materials to import finished goods is a bad one.
  • Hence, there is need for diversification from being an oil-exporting monocultural economy to an agro-based-made-in-Nigeria product exporting country”.
  • A modern and productive agricultural sector is the basis for national food security and has the potential to offer income and employment for many people, including in remote locations in the Nigeria.
  • The Centre for Agricultural entrepreneurship of College of Entrepreneurship and Small Business is ready to provide technical assistance to national programmes aiming at offering career opportunities for youth and young agricultural entrepreneurs in Nigeria.
  • In Nigeria – with increasing demands for healthy and nutritious fresh food – the conditions to establish a viable agricultural business are especially good.
  • It is hoped that this training contributes to the education of you, young agricultural entrepreneurs, and assists you to develop a robust business and life, earning good money and allowing you to be self-reliant in Nigeria.
  • In times of rising costs for natural resources, energy and food, producing food locally by supporting rural livelihoods and agriculture is challenging but considered a timely and opportune investment.


SOFAAG is dedicated to the mission of enabling the global agropreneurship and agribusiness community to provide adequate and nutritious food to the world by creating connections between farmers, academics, students, agropreneurship, agribusiness, and other organizations to solve the critical problems that face the industry today and in the future. SOFAAG strategy is focused on three pillars as stated under what we do.


To provide the support and tools in order to ensure that, by 2030 and beyond, Nigerian economy gets diversified through Agriculture.

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