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(First Female Entrepreneurship Institute with ISO 9001: 2015 and only invited stakeholder on the development of an ISO/IWA 34: International Workshop Agreement on International Standard on Women Entrepreneurship)



You are welcome to the International Institute of Female Entrepreneurship (IFEnt) - AKA Female in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (FINE). It is the Female Arm of Institute of Classic Entrepreneurship, Nigeria (ICENT) - The First ISO 21001:2018 Certified Institute in Africa. IFEnt is a member of the Global Confederation of Entrepreneurship Institutes with the mission of educating, inspiring and connecting African female entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality, build successful businesses and live a life they love. IFEnt believes that every woman has the ability to achieve incredible things and life is too short to waste the opportunity to make it happen.

Have you ever felt like…

• You’re on top of the world, determined to make your dreams come true one day and the next you feel totally lost and confused about what you’re doing?
• You’re excited about your ideas and then you talk to someone who doesn’t think you’ll be able to do it and you feel like it’s all hopeless?
• You’ve got a million ideas and you’re not sure which one is going to work out the best, and so you go round and round in circles?
• You want to ‘make it happen’, but you just don’t have a clue how to do it?
• You feel like you’re stuck, you’re fed up and just want to break free and do whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing in life?
• You started your business to have more freedom and a life you loved, but you feel more overwhelmed than you ever felt before and you’re not sure how much longer you can carry on?
• You feel isolated and lonely because you don’t know any other like-minded people to talk to about what you’re going through building your business?
If so, you’re human! I think most of us feel like this at some point or another. .

Learning is a revolving human endeavours..; our study programmes will enable students to expand their intellectual perceptions while they acquire knowledge that will allow them to occupy positions of leadership.

Here’s the truth…
Being an entrepreneur and turning your ideas into a reality is like being on a roller coaster ride in the dark … you feel alone, you feel scared, there are ups and downs, you haven’t got a clue what’s coming next, but all the while you feel exhilarated, it’s exciting. You’re smiling, even though on the inside you’re thinking ‘what the hell am I doing!?’

I think we all feel like this at some point. We have to just stay focused on what we’re trying to achieve, learn as much as we can, get inspired, build a network of support around ourselves, keep going and keep the faith.

Prof. Oyedunni Sola Arulogun

Professor of Health Promotion and Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Ibadan, Nigeria | South West Zonal Coordinator, ICEnt and President/Chairperson of Council, IFEnt/FINE

Some of the Benefits

We are here to help you succeed and enjoy your journey. Here are the kind of things you will find going on here

Weekly videos: a 10 minute dose of inspiration to help you succeed in business. Our videos cover a wide range of topics, from how to programme your mind for success, to how to systemise your business. View the latest video’s and posts here.

The Members Club:an online community where you can mingle with like-minded women from around the world and get the support you need to succeed. Find out more here.

Master Classes:we host live, online masterclasses, which cover topics such as, how to market your business on Pinterest, how to build your list using Facebook, how to generate more leads, traffic and sales through LinkedIn, Leveraging the power of YouTube for your business, how to create your own iTunes show. Join up to our mailing list to be notified of upcoming masterclasses.

Journal:Our journal, Journal of Entrepreneurship Education and Management Science with latest information and development in entrepreneurship and small business management to help you grow your business. View all past issues here.

magazines: our free magazine, This Girl Means Business, is full of inspiring interviews and how-to features to help you grow your business. View all past issues here.

Facebook page:our is where you can get shots of inspiration throughout the day. With over 300,000 fans, it’s a buzzing hive of activity and inspiration. Visit the page here.

Blog:we publish regular content on our blog, including how-tos, tips and tricks, things to try and more. Read the latest here.

How she did it:we’ve published hundreds of inspiring stories about female entrepreneurs from around the world. Have a read here and get inspired.

Online Library:self-study using INCENT Study Packs,Online Academy(classroom.24hr education.com/incentcesbum)

Professional Membership:of Institute of Classic Entrepreneurs with its benefits

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