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Academy of technology innovation management and entrepreneurship (ATIME) is the foremost global professional association established to promote, advance and update knowledge, business and practice of sciencepreneurship, engipreneurship and technopreneurship. It is the pioneer institute in sciencepreneurship, engipreneurship and technopreneurship programmes that is building manforce ready for future entrepreneurship and jobs for global industry requirements. The Academy, established in 2019 is to help the nascent science, engineering and technology-based industry for its future need of human resource, offers multi-disciplinary learning management and training delivery solutions to corporations, institutions, and individuals across.

Our worldwide members are professors, doctors, undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics, practitioners, entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors, policy-makers and consultants who value knowledge creation and application in entrepreneurship and innovation in science, engineering and technology. Founded in 2019, its programmes are designed to instill into students the knowledge, skills, curiosity, and excitement to propel them into STEM-related professions and careers after high school, whether they major in one of these fields in college or enter the workforce right after graduation.

It is a Global Academy gathering international leading minds in science, engineering and technology (“SET”) entrepreneurship and innovation - the premier organisation addressing emerging topics in “SET” entrepreneurship, innovation and small business, serving as the vehicle by which the global entrepreneurship ecosystem can work together to share best practices, develop programmes and initiatives, and collaborate and assist each other in advancing, strengthening, and celebrating the role of tertiary institutions in educating the “SET” entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Membership into the Institute would certainly advance member’s skills and enhance your worth as someone who engages in entrepreneurship in any of its several ramifications or as a person seeking to pursue a career in entrepreneurial/small and medium-sized business management.

ATIME is specifically dedicated to:

1. Developing research skills of ATIME members to improve entrepreneurship research and the understanding of entrepreneurship in its various forms. 2. Contributing to the career advancement and networks of ATIME members 3. Proactively catalysing opportunities for ATIME members to engage with a broader community and stakeholders, both academic and non-academic 4. Publishing and disseminating research and scholarly material to enhance the knowledge and expertise of its membership and other interested stakeholders 5. Organising conferences and other events to promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship 6. Developing collaborative partnerships with relevant communities to maximise outreach and impact, including practitioners, businesses and policy-makers



    ATIME has strategically been located in every major cities and towns with her zonal & state cordinators across the federation and beyond to enhance easy accesibility

    We are a new generations of professional entrepreneurs, who are more customer centric, technology savvy, more highly qualified, flexible and agile with skill set that are now more comprehensive

    With our global and local partnership and affiliations with educational institute and other organisations, ATIME offers world class training and certification in key professional courses.
  • Our Vision

    To promote and ensure the highest standards of professionalism in “SET” entrepreneurship required for accomplishment of sustainable development goals.

    Our Mission

    To generate new knowledge by engaging in cutting-edge research in sciencepreneurship, engipreneurship and technopreneurship and to promote academic growth by offering state-of-the-art programmes.

    Four Pillars that Guide Us

    • “SET” entrepreneurship education
    • “SET” entrepreneurship research
    • “SET” entrepreneurship outreach and
    • Public Policy

    Our Objectives

    The major objectives of ATIME are to forge linkages among academic and R&D institutions on one hand and the industry on the other and also promote innovative enterprise through “SET” persons.

    To forge a close linkage between universities, academic and R&D institutions on one hand and industry on the other.

    To promote entrepreneurship among Science, Engineering and Technology persons, many of whom were otherwise seeking jobs soon after their graduation.

    To provide R&D support to the small-scale industry mostly through interaction with research institutions.

    To promote technology innovation-based enterprises.

    To provide a rallying point as an umbrella body for entrepreneurial scientists, engineers and technologists, researchers/scholars, consultants, practitioners and policy makers, as well as vehicle for participating members to collaborate on and communicate about the specific issues and challenges confronting tertiary institution-based “SET” entrepreneurship.

    To manage the Intellectual Property Assets (IPAs) of the academy.

    To transfer the IPAs of the academy to the industry and interested entrepreneurs for commercial exploitation

    To serve as a vehicle to develop curriculum, initiate collaborative projects with international partners in the field of “SET” entrepreneurship.

    To create a platform for the global exchange and integration of best practices in “SET” entrepreneurship.

    To engage in intensive training of top level entrepreneurs, retirees and would - be-retirees in the field of “SET” entrepreneurship

    To identify, protect and advance the common interest of “SET” Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Educators/researchers/scholars/consultants.

    12. To conduct examinations and also award certificate to qualified members as a mark of professionalism in “SET” Entrepreneurship and allied fields

    The Uniqueness of ATIME

    The challenges of “SET” entrepreneurship especially in Africa can be addressed if the following action-oriented approaches are adopted

    Obligatory introductory activities or modules should be offered for all undergraduate students throughout their course of study, influencing their mindset right from the beginning and creating awareness of the alternative career option as a “SET” entrepreneur. In addition, all students should be given the opportunity to attend seminars and lectures on this subject. Optional courses which should be open to students from different faculties and disciplines, and involve these students in team-based project work, are a useful means of spreading “SET” entrepreneurship across faculties and departments. Students who find the field interesting and attractive and who seek to get involved in voluntary entrepreneurship initiatives should be backed by the institution or facilitating organisations. All students should be exposed to the opportunity of acquiring entrepreneurship-related teaching and experiences.

    Learning about “SET” entrepreneurship should assume a student-centred form of teaching, in which learning outcomes are clearly defined. It should also assume that students will themselves select which road to follow. This will require flexible course structures, a problem-solving approach supported by qualified academic staff, extensive learning resources, and opportunities for work placements and access to funding.


    Policy Recommendations

    Besides the retooling strategies articulated, government and institutions should as a matter of urgency consider the following policy recommendations for immediate implementation.

    The Institute also renders the following services to the public;Consultancy,Placement Service,Confirmation,Annual Entrepreneurial Conference,Annual Entrepreneurial / Merit Award,Annual Entrepreneurial Public Lecture,Technical Assistance,Annual Budget Review.


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    Charles Tremendous Jones once said –“You will remain the same you are for the next five years except for two things: the books that you read and the people you meet”..

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    ATIME is an influential voice and advocate for entrepreneurs and small business owners. We focus on advancing policies and initiatives that encourage entrepreneurship and small business growth.

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