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AJENTS publishes conceptual and empirical papers mainly for the interest of scholars, practitioners, consultants, academicians and public policy makers. The journal attracts submissions from academics, focusing upon theoretical, empirical, policy and professional issues within the fields of entrepreneurship and small business. The journal's contents reflect its integrative approach - including primary research articles, discussion of current issues, case studies, reports, book reviews and forthcoming meetings. The journal is dedicated to the formulation, development, implementation and evaluation of enterprise policy. The journal is a peer review journal as such a double-blind review process is followed, supported by a national and international Editorial Review Board to ensure academic integrity

The mission of the AJENTS is to publish empirical and theoretical contributions in the form of fieldwork, case-studies, qualitative, quantitative and conceptual papers. The significance of the findings is applied as relevant and functional in the entrepreneurial and management fields. It is envisaged that the AJENTS will serve as a platform in which information central to the concerns of professionals and academics is presented. In this way research not only grows out of the concerns of professionals, but simultaneously shapes theories for future practice.


AJENTS publishes original papers, literature reviews, empirical studies, theoretical frameworks, case studies, and book reviews. Special theme issues are devoted to essentials of entrepreneurship like:

 Venture Creation
 Small Business Management
 Social Entrepreneurship
 Government policy on entrepreneurship
 Entrepreneurship in ethnic enclaves
 Self-employment among immigrants
 Entrepreneurship among minority groups
 Indigenous entrepreneurship
 Gender and entrepreneurship
 Entrepreneurship in developing and transitional countries
 Entrepreneurship and ethics
 Corporate Entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship
 Entrepreneurial marketing, leadership and management
 Knowledge entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial learning organisations
 Social entrepreneurship, family entrepreneurship
 Sustainable entrepreneurship, parallel entrepreneurship
 e-Entrepreneurship, part-time entrepreneurship, home-based entrepreneurship
 Entrepreneurship education
 Agricultural Entrepreneurship
 Applied Business Entrepreneurship
 Artificial Intelligence
 Biotechnology Entrepreneurship
 Change and Innovation Management
 Creative Problem Solving
 Creativity and Innovation
 Criminal Entrepreneurship
 Design Driven Entrepreneurship
 Design Thinking
 Digital Entrepreneurship
 Edupreneurship/Academic Entrepreneurship
 Entrepreneurial Accounting and Finance
 Entrepreneurial Economics
 Entrepreneurial Marketing
 Entrepreneurial Mentoring
 Entrepreneurial Opportunity Assessment and Exploitation
 Entrepreneurship Case Studies
 Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
 Ethics in Entrepreneurship
 Family Entrepreneurship
 Healthcare Entrepreneurship/Medical Entrepreneurship/Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurship
 International Entrepreneurship
 Management (Business Basics) for Entrepreneurs
 Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
 Machine Learning
 Management Information System & Entrepreneurial Intelligence
 Mathematics for Entrepreneurs
 Media Entrepreneurship
 New Venture Creation
 Political Entrepreneurship
 Psychology of Entrepreneurship
 Public Entrepreneurship
 Quality Management for SMEs
 Quantitative Techniques for Entrepreneurs
 Risk Management for SMEs
 Rural Entrepreneurship
 Small Business Management
 Sports Entrepreneurship
 Strategic Entrepreneurship
 Supply Chain Management for Entrepreneurs
 Technopreneurship
 Women Entrepreneurship


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