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In a continent like ours, most countries from independence till date, have been unable to resolve the issue of the wide and ever- expanding gap between the haves and haves-not in terms of not only wealth but also opportunities. The challenges of opportunity to climb the scale of economic and social ladders of the society, as well as opportunity to live long and be allowed to express your talent, that you were not taught what will be useful to you and your society or that you are not allowed access to opportunities owing to discrimination and you have no income because you are not employed and as such confronted with hunger, lack of access to basic health care and other good things of life. These are all forms of poverty.

For both continent and individuals, prosperity is the key element to quality of life and is also necessary for the nation to be competitive in the world economy. As economies move from production-based to ones based on creativity and innovation, they must grow in ways that strengthen industries, create good jobs and encourage economic investment. To increase wealth and living standards, the economy must promote and sustain diversity, innovation, competition and entrepreneurship.

Poverty is linked with unemployment, ignorance, poor governance, corruption, high inflation, environmental degradation, high population growth, among others. Other than the fact that the Nigerian economy is not creating new jobs, the few existing jobs are being lost by factory closures arising from high cost of production. Hence, there is an urgent need to re-invent and promote entrepreneurship and good leadership for economic prosperity.


Young entrepreneurs and women in business in Africa meet every year for the #ICYE entrepreneurship summit meeting as the main event of the chamber. The summit drives annual unique conversations on creating a shared economic and social future.
One of the key reasons the Uganda Entrepreneurship Week was founded is to highlight entrepreneurship as a driver of economic growth. Young entrepreneurs are job creators, and through their innovative ideas, they bring about new-and-improved products, services, and technology. All these have a ripple effect on the economy, as it contributes to increased employment, creates more qualified workers for industries, and generates more national wealth.
Theme: “Building innovative and Sustainable Businesses.” The 2023 Summit aims at rededicating and empowering the young people of Africa to develop a shared narrative to contribute towards the economic growth of Africa. The programme, initiatives and projects of the Summit are focused on creating a Shared Future in a bid to inspire a new entrepreneurship culture, increase the rates of startups, create more jobs and improve the wealth creation rates.
As we get to the summit day #ICYE2022 has hosted 3 forums with 2 more to go before the main opening ceremony. The forums are offering a wider opportunity for dialogue and debate and to ensure the voices of young entrepreneurs and women in business are heard and economic knowledge shared for a stronger entrepreneurial fabric. Learn more about the Forums below


We aim to provide guidance and encouragement to the next generation of leaders, in whatever way we can. Presently we run an effective ICYE LE-Leadership & Entrepreneurship Program through career workshops across Africa and school programs and a summit – all focused on entrepreneurship.


A 6-week programme to equip startups with basic skills required to launch and run their businesses at early growth stage. It covers several topics including starting and scaling a business, business development, marketing strategy, effective management, product design etc


Our model provides a credible technology-enabled platform for access to world-class mentors from across, Africa and internationally. The mentors have faced similar challenges and are able to steer our startups on a successful path.


This pillar we consider very vital for the success of the ICYE initiative. Before any man receives a fish want them to know how to use the fishing rod to catch much greater fish.


Youth entrepreneurship is a process whereby creative and innovative ideas are transformed into enterprises initiated and managed by young people with the primary purpose of addressing their socio-economic challenges such as poverty and unemployment. Youth entrepreneurship refers to a situation where young individuals who maximize their enterprising abilities, take initiatives; create, innovate, and bear all risks involved in setting up an enterprise.

Youths are by nature adventurous. Adventure when harnessed leads to the discovery of uncommon ways to do common things. There are different types of youth entrepreneurship there is the innovative (entirely new creation), imitative (copying already existent creations), Fabian, and drone (Inherited enterprises.Any society with massive youth involvement in entrepreneurship benefits, because, there is employment generation, new services and product innovation, revenue generation, and community rejuvenation. Also, the crime rate will be drastically reduced, as unemployed youths are more prone to crime. The World Bank estimates we need about 600 million new jobs to maintain the current global employment rate in the next ten years. The only feasible way of achieving this and more is to embrace youth entrepreneurship. To aggrandize youth innovative ability, we must:

The International Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs and Professionals is a private initiative of Institute of Classic Entrepreneurship (ICEnt) with a continent-wide reach among African youth to inspire a sustainable entrepreneurship culture. The Chamber is hopeful of support by the Governments of African Nations, international organizations, numerous companies and individuals with a huge belief in the role of young people in economic growth. Our main objective is to promote and support the interests of Africa’s huge youth population both already in Entrepreneurship and the potential young business owners. “We are vested with the transformation of the entrepreneurial landscape in Africa and as such, we are constantly rolling out programmes and initiatives that will help shape Africa’s youths for a stronger social and economic future,” ICYE President Dr. Sunday Ade Bello says.


    ICYE is an initiative of Institute of Classic Entrepreneurship – a fully registered company limited by guarantee without share capital, guided by a set of by-laws enshrined in articles and memorandum of association. The Institute of Classic Entrepreneurship (ICEnt) is the first ISO 21001:2018 certified and Board of Quality Standards accredited institute in Africa.

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